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Vector 3 M-Series

Art.No.: 100000
Vector 3 M-Series

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Manufacturer: Relative Workshop

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(Weight: 4.25 kg)
Vector 3 M-Series
The V3 M-Series utilizes V3 Micron technology to improve function, safety and comfort and is designed to accommodate larger canopy sizes to that of the V3 Micron.

The V3 M-Series has the same outstanding features like the Micron. It convinces with unsurpassed quality, safety and functionality. Utilizing the "Uni Body” construction method the rig looks elegant and aesthetical. The whole rig and container system adjusts ergonomically to the body contours. The shoulder straps fit perfectly and comfortably. A slipping down of the straps is impossible by design. The closing covers protect the pins even during radical flight maneuvers and in the high speed range. The riser and bridle routing is exemplary. Optionally an additional riser cover can be ordered, which is supposed to prevent line twist (Anti Twist Lock). The reserve pilot chute with it´s spring tension is looked at as the strongest on the market.

Standard Equipment
Stainless Steel Hardware, Trulok Toggles, Wonderfoam Backpad, right Sidewall Embroidery are available at no additional Charge, Cypres Ready, Metal Reserve Handle, Dive Loops (not available w/Type 8 risers).

Additional Information: Container Sizing-Charts

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