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Mirage G4

Art.No.: 103100
Mirage G4

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Manufacturer: Mirage Systems

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Mirage G4
Four years after the introduction of the innovative G3 container, Mirage Systems introduced the latest generation of skydiving technology, the Mirage G4. The new G4 includes major advances in comfort, safety, ease of use, aerodynamics, fit and rigger-friendliness.

The most obvious feature of the G4 is its new shape. Mirage Systems tapered the main container to improve aerodynamics and ease of packing. They also shortened the reserve container, and made it slightly thicker at the shoulders. The result is a more streamlined and integrated shape which also provides some subtle functional improvements.

The backpad has been redesigned with an attractive look and better padding. The deluxe backpad option is therefore not offered on the G4. The optional new Fancypants elastic legstrap retainers keep the legstraps from slipping down your legs while bending at the waist.

No options are needed to make the rig functional, the base price includes everything you need to jump.

Standard Equipment: The G3 includes main and reserve deployment bags, sping-loaded reserve pilot chute, centerline collapsible main pilot chute, metal handle reserve ripcord, red cutaway handle, risers and toggles, closing loops and owners manual.

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